Nutrition Products

Nestlé Health Science provides a comprehensive range of nutrition products for people who have been prescribed nutrition support for the short term due to illness, injury or for the longer term due to disease state or special challenges for different life stages.
  • Oral nutritional supplements are specially designed to optimise oral intake for children and adults with increased nutritional requirements.

  • Food and fluid thickeners for people with swallowing difficulties or dysphagia.

  • Nutritionally complete enteral feeds formulated to support a range of patients' nutritional needs.

  • Feeding consumables for enteral feeding, with or without the use of an enteral feeding pump.

  • A very low energy diet (VLED) is a nutritionally complete meal plan incorporating formulated meal replacements for the management of obesity.

About NCare

The NCare program has been specifically developed to support healthcare professionals in managing their patients’ nutritional requirements in the home and community. This is achieved through providing access to the complete range of nutritional solutions available from Nestlé Health Science including oral nutritional supplements, enteral tube feeds, disease specific feeds, pumps and consumables. The NCare program facilitates product delivery to the home, supporting your Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) patient’s or community clients nutritional requirements to achieve better health outcomes.